The Books

The Flats Junction series currently consists of six (6) books. Not all are published yet, but you may get on the list for ARCs, or publishing news by signing up for the newsletter. The books all can stand alone as single titles, but if you'd like to read in either publishing order OR by chronology in terms of year the book is set, here you go:

WIDOW: 1881 (2018) - Buy Now!

SMITH: 1865 (2018)

OUTCAST: 1883 (2019)

MEDICINEMAN: 1875 (2019)

KATE'S STORY (Title Pending): 1887 (2020)

STRANGER: 1888 (2020)


The Products

With artwork sprinkled through each book in the Flats Junction series, we will be unveiling a host of paper products: stationary, notecards, gift cards, prints, with more to come.

If you wish to purchase items, we will be providing an online shoppe for you! Come back soon!

If you're a bookstore, seller or retail location and would like to discuss wholesale options, please contact us directly for pre-orders at this time.

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The Cookware


The Flats Junction series is part of a bigger empire.

If you have followed Sara here, you might know she's a metalsmith, an apprentice tinsmith, and the only woman in America who fabricates copper cookware - most of it with her own two hands (and all inspired by her books!).

House Copper & Cookware is 100% American - the materials are sourced locally and each piece is manufactured by a small, family-owned and operated artisan in the USA. A large portion of the American copper is completely handled by Sara herself (when she's not furiously writing the next novel).

You might wish to look for her upcoming book FLAME,  slated for release in late 2019. FLAME is an approachable non-fiction covering the history of cookware, the choosing, care and cleaning of cookware, as well as the science of it, peppered with interviews by other makers and artisans across America. Photographs by the renowned photographer Christian Watson.

If you wish to discuss tinning needs or learn more about Sara's cookware lines, you can start here:

House Copper

Or, simply, SHOP NOW and know that everyone touching this cookware appreciates your support in buying local and shopping small.

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Keep In Touch...

Sara is available for book club appearances (in person or via media), speaking engagements, or demonstrations on cookware manufacturing (both vintage cookware or modern). Or just ask. She's always up for trying something new! For any and all requests, please contact Katie Fleming at flatsjunctionpub@gmail.com